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December Christmas SALE!

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~ Discounts ~

We are currently having a huge discount on a lot of items in the store:

Mystery box: $5 --> $3
Masterwork set: $250 --> $175
Sled: $80 --> $50
TokHaar-Kal : $15 --> $10
Drygore bundle: $65 --> $40
500 Treasure Hunter keys: $42.50 --> $25
1000 Treasure Hunter keys: $80 --> $45


~ 50% discount code, limited usage! ~

3 lucky users will have access to the following discount code:


This code will give you 50% off ANYTHING*, so be quick!
After 3 uses, this code will automatically be deactivated. Code limited to 1 use per player.
*Except donation scrolls.



~ Owner cape giveaway ~

This weekend, we will be posting a giveaway on our Discord.
We will be giving away one Owner Cape to a very lucky player!

Once the giveaway is posted in #🎄christmas-giveaway, all you have to do is click the 🎉 reaction to enter.

Best of luck everyone!

In the meantime, check out our #🎁giveaways channel for all other giveaways!


All deals will be active until Christmas ends.



The Tartarus staff team

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