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Updates #11

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Today's updates costists a lot of bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

Christmas update will be coming at the beginning of December, so stay tuned!!!

For that reason, this will only be a short thread with the most important features mentioned below:

- Revenants -

We have added the revenants cave. To teleport there, use the command ::revs.
Until we have finished the new teleports interface, this is the only way to teleport there.

Some adventurers had already found their way to the cave, which actually was a good thing! This gave us the opportunity to have players test the reventants cave before launching it publically.

Based on these adventurers, we have made the following changes:
- There now wanders around a PKer that will try to kill you for your loot.
- Drops have been reworked.

- Owner cape zone -

We've heard you! And we're very sorry for causing inconvenience by the overpowered owner cape.
To get rid of frustration from both crashing hard working adventurers as well as constant drop broadcasts, we've added a special zone for owner cape users. They can teleport there by right-clicking their owner cape while equipped and selecting the teleport option.
The zone has a decent amount of available bosses, all divided into sections. This way the owner cape users won't have to interfere with the other players anymore and everyone has an equal chance to receive a drop.

We hope this returned your faith and once again we are very sorry.


- Other fixes -

- Exiting wilderness by crossing the wall fixed;
- Mackerel is now edible;
- Buggy walk animations when morphed into NPC now fixed;
- Dropping items in wilderness when dying fixed;
- Drops reworked for gwd;
- All zamorak minions spawning correctly;


Thank you for playing Tartarus!

We hope to see you around.

Best regards,
@sbcuZJH.pngShrekTastic, @sbcuZJH.pngJarno
 & @qGJy5bF.png86x

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Always coming out with the best, thank you for your hard work and dedication to the server and community!

Bouta go catch and eat a Mackerel.

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