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Updates #8

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We are proud to announce the new updates!
This time the update also includes a closed beta release for Vindicta, our first GWD2 boss! If the tests are successful 


- Phoenix -

An elegant, yet burning hot new boss has come to Tartarus.
This new boss, called Phoenix, has some unique drops like a "custom-ish" torva armour.


Obtaining this armour will give you a big advantage when bossing, compared to others who use torva or any higher tier armour.


This boss also comes with a new pet, the Phoenix eggling!
This pet has the following bonuses:
8% Damage bonus.
3% Drop rate bonus.


- Dragonbone Corporeal Beast -

The mighty Dragonbone Corporeal Beast has been nerfed a little.
While it's still nearly impossible to kill on your own, the boss for sure is a lot easier now and has a lot less health.

Its drops have also been reworked. The drop rates on rares have been increased drastically.

This includes the rates on the dragonbone set, which has some of the best bonuses in-game:


So what are you waiting for? Grab your best gear (or deathtouched darts 😉) and teleport to this fearless boss quick!


- Farming rework -

Finally! No more weird farming mechanics. Right now you can start harvesting your own materials.
We have reworked farming to match the real farming experience.

There are also a lot more farming patches now, which can be teleported to by either talking to the leprechaun or via the teleport tab.



- New titles -

While there are still a lot of titles being worked on, we couldn't resist not releasing a few already!



- Other fixes -

- Engineering skillcape added to shops;
- New announcement broadcasts added for achievements;
- Announcements now show the player's gamemode;
- Minor bank improvements;
- Zamorakian spear added as drop from K'ril;


Thank you for playing Tartarus!

We hope to see you around.

Best regards,
@sbcuZJH.pngShrekTastic& @sbcuZJH.pngJarno

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