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Updates #6

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We are very happy to announce the following, large updates! This time it brings a lot of new content and a refreshing home area. Have a look below and hop in-game quick to check it out for yourself!


- Engineering Released -

We have released Engineering!
To unlock the skills, you need level 80 in the following skills:

Crafting, Smithing, Fletching, Herblore, Runecrafting, Construction, Cooking & Firemaking.
Once you have unlocked the new elite skill, Engineering, you can use the entrance inside the castle at ::home to visit the Engineering site. There are already quite a lot of different recipes that can be unlocked. You gather the necessary materials by performing actions in the following skills (once >lvl60 in that skill):

Mining : Metal Scraps
Fishing : Fish body
Woodcutting : Wood scraps
Hunter : Bone scraps
Farming : Strange herbs

All above skills : Nature's energy

Recipes won't be available right from the start! You first need to unlock the Engineering skill. Once unlocked, you will randomly obtain Engineer's letters from the following activities:

Killing NPCs : Gear
NPC > lvl 100, slight drop chance. NPC > lvl 200 greater drop chance.
Artisan skills : Skilling
Support skills : Misc
Clue scrolls : Gear, skilling, cosmetic & misc

A Engineer's letters can be read to unlock a random recipe in that category. Unlocking all recipes will be a grind for sure!

You will need the correct tools to start crafting items. To check your tool amount and duration, click here:

- Dungeoneering -

We have added Dungeoneering, but with a more exciting twist!
You can use your own food and gear in the dungeons. There are 3 dungeon sizes, which can be unlocked at different levels.
Of course, the higher level dungeons give more experience and tokens.

Here's a preview of the dungeoneering tokens reward shop:


- Resource dungeons -

2 resource dungeons have been added.
1). Taverley resource dungeon (lvl 55 dungeoneering) - Extra hellhounds spawns

2). Al Kharid resource dungeon (lvl 75 dungeoneering) - Higher tier ores available


- New Home -

Tartarus has a brand new, fresh looking home!
All objects and NPCs from the old home are still available. In case you would like to still visit the old home, type ::oldhome.



- Deathtouched darts -

Deathtouched darts are darts that can 1-hit almost every NPC. These darts can be made using the Engineering skill.
Here's an example killing General Graardor using a deathtouched dart:



- ::maxhit -
After a lot of requests, you can now check your max hit with the command ::maxhit


- Other fixes -
- Deposit/Withdraw x option in bank saving value;
- Clues now drop rewards when bank is full;
- Bank limit added;
- Sell all option at Vic the Trader;
- Mystery box rates increased;
- Barrows fix;
- Fixed Hunter pet stand animation;


Thank you for playing Tartarus!

We hope to see you around.

Best regards,
@sbcuZJH.pngShrekTastic& @sbcuZJH.pngJarno


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