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Construction guide

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Construction is a very click-intensive skill. This is done with a reason. That's because Construction is one of the main money-makers for skillers. If you manage to gather most of the supplies yourself and sell all your unfinished benches, you will be making a lot of money! Of course this amount of money increases with every new bench that you unlock.

If you're not that much into this skill, you can quickly level it as well, but it will be pricy. You can buy all materials that you need from the Builder.

Construction site

You can teleport to the construction site by going to the teleport tab and clicking skilling teleports. On the second page, you can find the Construction teleport. Once arrived, you will be in front of a house which contains a workbench. This is the main object that is used for this skill.


There are 2 NPCs walking nearby the house:
Estate Agent: This NPC will teach you the basics about the Construction skill.
Builder: This NPC sells tools and materials that can be used to train Construction. It will also buy your finished benches.


Tools needed

To start training construction, it is useful to gather the following tools:



The workbench in the middle of the Construction site can be used to convert flatpacks into actual items.
Any flatpack benches you've created with this skill, can be used on the corresponding bench which will reward you with experience.

After you've converted oak bench flatpacks into real oak benches, these can be modified as later shown in this guide.



Creating flatpacks

At different levels, you can create different kind of flatpacks. Below are all possible flatpacks listed including their level requirements and materials that are needed to construct them:





Selling finished unpacked benches

Now this is where it gets interesting... You can actually make really good money by doing this skill! That is only if you decide to gather the materials yourself.
You can sell any unpacked benches to the Builder, which will give you good money for it!

The builder will give you the following amount of coins per bench type:
Wood bench = 800 coins
Oak bench = 4,000 coins
Oak framed bench = 5,000 coins
Oak vice bench = 6,000 coins
Oak lathe bench = 6,500 coins
Teak dining bench = 12,000 coins
Carved teak bench = 13,000 coins
Mahogany bench = 35,000 coins

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