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    I have opened a <col=7401DF>Mystery box</col> and received a Elysian spirit shield.
    I have opened a <col=7401DF>Mystery box</col> and received a Zaryte bow.
    I have opened a <col=7401DF>Mystery box</col> and received a Red partyhat.
    I have opened a <col=7401DF>Mystery box</col> and received a Zaryte bow.
    I have opened a <col=7401DF>Mystery box</col> and received a Saradomin godsword.
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  1. It's the time of year again: BLACK FRIDAY is just around the corner and anyone who wants to grab something from the store now is your chance this chance lasts until Saturday November 28th, 8AM (CET). We offer a 50% discount with the following discount code: BLACKFRIDAY Discount code can be used indefinitely*. Not only will you have a 50% discount on store items, the donated amount will still count 100% towards any rank upgrade and even counts for the full 100% to trigger the Donation Dropparties! Ever considered donating? Wait no longer and make sure you don't miss out on this amazing deal! *Discount code can be applied upon checkout. Discount does not apply to Donation scrolls. Greetings Shrek, Jarno & Jessie
  2. and we got the 1k votes thank you everyone for your commitment and loyalty to us without you we weren't where we are now let's build our community and create new content to keep you entertained on behalf of me and others people of it team thank you from the bottom of my heart you are great ❤️

  3. 86x


    nice pet Gratzz
  4. this so omg get chicken pops xD

  5. We have right now 6 people online 😄 Thank you so much everyone lets grow together

  6. 86x

    New Here

    welcome Xiong Shou we working right now on a new update a big update after that one there will be a other big update :D so keep a eye out for it
  7. Lets make this server Great again

    (active again)


    after a busy but warm holiday I am enjoying the server again + I now also have school but don't worry if you need me ingame / discord you can always reach / find me in game see you quickly in the game or discord xoxo Jessie

  9. 86x

    More alive

    Make the Server more Alive With npc in the city`s also add animals chickens Sheeps etc
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