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  1. Welcome If you have any questions just ask us
  2. image.png.e534352e0cdd5cadcbc214f2e2f36d14.png😄 yes my playing everyday pays off 😄 


    and i have become staff so that also a hugs achievement  


    Thanks Shrek to give my this opportunity  😄

  3. 85x

    Hihi~ o:

    HI and welcome To Tararus i like to see your drawings cant wait enjoy your stay!
  4. 85x

    Training places

    can we add more training grounds for leveling low level grounds 1-50 mid level ground 50-100 High level ground 100-138 and maybe more slayer tasks more monsters to kill? more ways to make money? sell all items at vic the trader
  5. Username: 85xRank in-game: Super donator
  6. training some ranged im ready for gw2 😄 image.thumb.png.b628467ee50b922975a99a0d6f876b98.png i hope to be maxed in my strh att deff  and ranged and magic for gw2 if not doing what im always do grinding till my body says nop! 😛 

  7. image.png.a7b878a4dbb05703dfc877176c939761.png playing nonstop!😎

    1. ShrekTastic


      That's the spirit! Keep it up. Looking good so far 🙂

  8. 85x


    Hello my name is 85x aka Jessie im 26 years old i really like rs3 but also its private servers so you can see me alot on the server if you want to know more from me just sent me a dm
  9. 85x

    Add logs

    Hello im doing right now Firemaking is it a idea that we just add the logs in the fire like the real version?
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