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    I levelled my Hitpoints skill, I am now level 99.
    I have succesfully upgraded a Gnome scarf into a Lava scarf.
    I levelled my Engineering skill, I am now level 13.
    After killing Phoenix, it dropped a <col=DF0101>Lava Partyhat</col>.
    I levelled my Prayer skill, I am now level 93.
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  1. My suggestion would be to add bow strings to the skilling shops so fletching is easyer. Also another option would be to add functionality to the gems that you can already craft to turn them into bolt tips and eventually tipped bolts. Another suggestion would be to add ring / amulet crafting so gems are less useless. Also you might want to look into skills that are really really easy to train currently and rebalance them like summoning and construction (thieving maybe?). Thanks for taking the time to read my suggestions and I hope you find the time to consider implementing them.
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