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    I have opened a <col=7401DF>Mystery box</col> and received a Santa hat.
    I have opened a <col=7401DF>Mystery box</col> and received a Santa hat.
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  1. Thank you for your suggestions, we will look into them!
  2. LekkerLekkerLekker

  3. The Owner Cape giveaway has started!!
  4. ~ Discounts ~ We are currently having a huge discount on a lot of items in the store: Mystery box: $5 --> $3 Masterwork set: $250 --> $175 Sled: $80 --> $50 TokHaar-Kal : $15 --> $10 Drygore bundle: $65 --> $40 500 Treasure Hunter keys: $42.50 --> $25 1000 Treasure Hunter keys: $80 --> $45 ~ 50% discount code, limited usage! ~ 3 lucky users will have access to the following discount code: XMAS20 This code will give you 50% off ANYTHING*, so be quick! After 3 uses, this code will automatically be deactivated. Code limited to 1 use per player. *Except donation scrolls. ~ Owner cape giveaway ~ This weekend, we will be posting a giveaway on our Discord. We will be giving away one Owner Cape to a very lucky player! Once the giveaway is posted in #christmas-giveaway, all you have to do is click the reaction to enter. Best of luck everyone! In the meantime, check out our #giveaways channel for all other giveaways! All deals will be active until Christmas ends. The Tartarus staff team
  5. 500+ votes already. Dayum! Thanks all!

  6. Dear players, First of all, we would like to thank you for an amazing first year. Almost one year ago we launched and a lot has changed since that moment. New friends have been made, amazing suggestions have been posted en most important of all: We had a lot of fun during this first year! We can't wait to see what 2021 will bring us and we hope you will be there, together with us, to find out. To all of our players, we would like to say Merry Christmas! May you, your family and your friends have a safe, warm and wonderful Christmas this year. To celebrate Christmas we've been working on a Christmas event for over a month. This event includes the following: Quest: After hours upon hours of hard work and learning new things, we've managed to put together our first ever quest. In this quest, Santa has been locked in a cage by an evil demon, called San'tar Klaws. Only YOU can save Christmas Eve, by defeating San'tar. You will need the Imps to help. Before they can help you, you have to help them first. Of course, if you manage to save Christmas Eve, you will be rewarded with a bunch of items including: - A Christmas title - - A ring that lets you morph into one of the imps - - A lot of cosmetic items - - A Christmas pet - What are you waiting for? Santa needs your help! Snowballs: During Christmas, you will be able to gather snowballs at the Christmas site. These snowballs can be equipped and while equipped you can throw them at others. We are really curious to see what cool little events/ideas you can come up with to use these snowballs for! Login rewards: From December 23th until December 28th, you will unlock a new Christmas jumper every day. Don't miss a day, because these jumpers will only be obtainable during these days! We hope you enjoy this event and would love to hear your opinion about it! If you could take the time to fill in the poll in this thread or lets us know by a private message, that would mean a lot! The Tartarus staff team
  7. ShrekTastic


    For sure a really nice pet! Congrats!
  8. ShrekTastic

    Updates #11

    Today's updates costists a lot of bug fixes and quality of life improvements. Christmas update will be coming at the beginning of December, so stay tuned!!! For that reason, this will only be a short thread with the most important features mentioned below: - Revenants - We have added the revenants cave. To teleport there, use the command ::revs. Until we have finished the new teleports interface, this is the only way to teleport there. Some adventurers had already found their way to the cave, which actually was a good thing! This gave us the opportunity to have players test the reventants cave before launching it publically. Based on these adventurers, we have made the following changes: - There now wanders around a PKer that will try to kill you for your loot. - Drops have been reworked. - Owner cape zone - We've heard you! And we're very sorry for causing inconvenience by the overpowered owner cape. To get rid of frustration from both crashing hard working adventurers as well as constant drop broadcasts, we've added a special zone for owner cape users. They can teleport there by right-clicking their owner cape while equipped and selecting the teleport option. The zone has a decent amount of available bosses, all divided into sections. This way the owner cape users won't have to interfere with the other players anymore and everyone has an equal chance to receive a drop. We hope this returned your faith and once again we are very sorry. - Other fixes - - Exiting wilderness by crossing the wall fixed; - Mackerel is now edible; - Buggy walk animations when morphed into NPC now fixed; - Dropping items in wilderness when dying fixed; - Drops reworked for gwd; - All zamorak minions spawning correctly; Thank you for playing Tartarus! We hope to see you around. Best regards, @ShrekTastic, @Jarno & @86x
  9. Very nice! The requirement is exactly the same as on RS3, which is 104,273,167
  10. Nice one so far! Since you've met the requirement, will you be getting the 120 cape?
  11. ShrekTastic


    Nice one! Hope to see some more
  12. Get innn! That's super nice. Congrats!
  13. Todays activity puts a big smile on my face. What a great day! Thanks so much everyone. Stay awesome! 👊

  14. ShrekTastic

    Updates #10

    We've updated Tartarus again! This time mostly with fixes that improve the quality of your gameplay experience. While fixing a lot of bugs, we're also working hard on new, quality content to keep you entertained. Stay tuned for the next updates! - Nex combat - Nex combat should be improved. It's a little bit easier to kill, while still being very hard to solo. So start a clan, gear up and take on Nex! Attempt at soloing Nex. Do not try this at home - Godsword + Spirit shield creating - Previously, creating godswords and Spirit shields was really complicated. We've changed it so it now matches the original way of crafting these items. Also, godswords can now be dismantled like they should be. You can look the up here: Godswords Spirit shields - Soulsplit - Finally! We got Soulsplit working after a lot of trial and error. If you still find any bugs using soulsplit please let us know and we will try to fix it ASAP. - Drop lookup interface - While we're working on a better (and nicer looking) interface, we still made some changes on the current drop lookup interface. You won't be able to see the percentages anymore, however you will now be able to easily see which items are rare and which are not. If an NPC drops rare items these will be listed at the top of the list. It will now display the item name followed by the amount that the NPC can drop. If it's only one number inbetween the brackets, it means it can only drop this one amount. If there's two numbers between the brackets, the dropped amount will vary from the min. to the max. value mentioned. To look up the drops of any NPC (that has drops), examine the NPC. - Rare drop messages - Whenever you get a rare drop, a broadcast message will appear. They look like this: - Drop system rework - The old drop system was pretty terrible on Tartarus. It was really hard to get rare drops and it would be a shame if we never even saw the rare drop broadcasts That's why we gave a boost to a lot of drops. Not only for bosses, but also for regular monsters! If there's any drops from monsters you think we should look at feel free to let us know. We're always open for suggestions! - Kebabs for days - We know, we know... You've never even bothered picking up those kebabs because they weren't edible. Well... now they are! So make sure you don't leave them rotting on the floor and eat 'em while they're still hot! Eating kebab will trigger a random effect, just like in the real game. - Other fixes - Ardougne banks now useable; - Splitting fury (or); - Quick manage perks option @ perkmaster; Thank you for playing Tartarus! We hope to see you around. Best regards, @ShrekTastic& @Jarno
  15. ShrekTastic

    Updates #9

    After some inactivity, we are back with new updates. Greater than ever! For our next updates, we will most likely be adding a Christmas event, RS3 maps, a better teleports interface and lots of PvM content. So stay tuned! Back to the updates we've recently been working on: - Double XP weekends - Every weekend is from now on DOUBLE XP WEEKEND on Tartarus! We can't wait to hear your feedback on this. Upon logging in during the weekends, you will be notified with a message telling you double xp weekend is active. - Achievement system - Tartarus has a new tab: the achievement tab! This tab contains 4 categories of achievements, rated from easy to elite. If you click on them you can see your progress, as well as the rewards for completing that task. These achievements will always give you points. These points can be used to buy Perks, which is also a brand new feature and will be shown further in this thread. - Perk system - As mentioned above, we've also added a new system to Tartarus to make your life as adventurer easier during skilling, PvM and even PvP. To get started with Perks, have a chat with the Perk master wandering around home: He will teach you all the basics you need to know. The way this perk system works is very easy, to start using perks you need to choose a class first. Don't worry, you can always change your class. Perks from different classes can not be combined however. There are 5 different classes: Warrior, Mage, Ranger, Tank & Skiller. Each class has their own perks that come with advantages for that type. Once you've set your class, you have the option to manage your perks. When managing perks, the following interface will open: Here you can select a perk from the list on the left side. You'll then see what the perk does, whether you've unlocked this perk or not and what your current active perks are. If the selected perk is locked you can choose to buy this perk for achievement points. The cost means the amount of achievement points that you will spend for this perk. If you want to unlock the selected perk, you click the thumbs up button. It will tell you you've unlocked the selected perk and you will have a button appear to activate this perk. You can have only 3 perks active at the same time. Perks can be deactivated by clicking on the delete button in front of an active perk. It will deactivate the perk and it will remain unlocked. Active perks can always be checked in the statistics tab. There's really too much to explain about these perks, however the system is really straight-forward. I would suggest you go have a look at it yourself! - More NPCs in cities - Cities now have more NPCs walking around. These vary from characters to animals. While we are not done making Tartarus more alive, this sure is a good start in the right direction! - Training master - When teleporting to ::train, there now is a friendly gentleman waiting for you to teleport you to different training spots like rock crabs, hellhounds or yaks. - Big fishing net spots - Previously, there was no way to use your big fishing nets in Tartarus. We've added 2 big fishing net spots in the fishing area. - Oysters - With these new big fishing net spots, you will now also be catching Oysters from these spots every now and then. We felt like the weren't very useful in Tartarus so we have given it some special use. When opening Oysters you will receive between 1k-10k coins with a very rare chance to receive a Ring of Wealth! - Total level - We've finally found a way to fix the total level display in the stats tab. This has now been fixed and you will be able to see your total level as you should. - New titles - With this update, we've also added a bunch of new titles. These include: Skill mastery titles Donator status titles - Owner cape - A new item has been added to the donation store. The Owner cape! This cape is the most powerful item around Tartarus and will allow you to 1-hit almost every NPC. The cape comes with a unique, custom hit splat and has a cool graphical effect: It can not be used in PvP. - Mining site - Both an anvil and forge have been added to the Al Kharid mining site so you can smelt and smith your mined ores even faster! - Other fixes - - Upon examining, you will not walk towards the target player anymore; - Cave crawlers have been added to the Slayer tower on the 2nd floor; - Buy price of Grenwall spikes reduced drastically; - Dungeoneering tokens rate increased drastically. Thank you for playing Tartarus! We hope to see you around. Best regards, @ShrekTastic& @Jarno
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