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    Halo! i'm just here to make the outfit i want that i can't get on the real game. Can't wait to get the Master Prayer Cape & i really hope a Black Santa Hat exists lol. i mainly a skiller and like to dress up. i'll probably do all the combat stuff on another character (if it's allowed to have 2 characters) i also like drawing! So i may post drawings of sets i like that i make. :'D
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    HI and welcome To Tararus i like to see your drawings cant wait enjoy your stay!
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    Hey there! Welcome. Great to have you around. The black santa hat does exist. There is 1 in-game already too! Having multiple accounts is allowed. Multilogging to gain any unfair advantage isn't. If you like outfits I'm sure you'll love our cosmetic override system too! Would love to see some drawings once you've made them
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