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    Halo! i'm just here to make the outfit i want that i can't get on the real game. Can't wait to get the Master Prayer Cape & i really hope a Black Santa Hat exists lol. i mainly a skiller and like to dress up. i'll probably do all the combat stuff on another character (if it's allowed to have 2 characters) i also like drawing! So i may post drawings of sets i like that i make. :'D
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    Making a AFK zone, points for every 10 mins. exchange them for money?
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    My suggestion would be to add bow strings to the skilling shops so fletching is easyer. Also another option would be to add functionality to the gems that you can already craft to turn them into bolt tips and eventually tipped bolts. Another suggestion would be to add ring / amulet crafting so gems are less useless. Also you might want to look into skills that are really really easy to train currently and rebalance them like summoning and construction (thieving maybe?). Thanks for taking the time to read my suggestions and I hope you find the time to consider implementing them.
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    500+ votes already. Dayum! Thanks all!
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    Emerald bolt tips is the only way to do it. I promise you. I saw my buddy F U N copped a "Sparky" while Ranging. Little squirrel with a robin hat and crossbow. I haven't seen any other pets yet. I'd love to see some posted below. 0d607bae26edef256d92a626493ca8b7.mp4
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    Always coming out with the best, thank you for your hard work and dedication to the server and community! Bouta go catch and eat a Mackerel.
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    Today's updates costists a lot of bug fixes and quality of life improvements. Christmas update will be coming at the beginning of December, so stay tuned!!! For that reason, this will only be a short thread with the most important features mentioned below: - Revenants - We have added the revenants cave. To teleport there, use the command ::revs. Until we have finished the new teleports interface, this is the only way to teleport there. Some adventurers had already found their way to the cave, which actually was a good thing! This gave us the opportunity to have players test the reventants cave before launching it publically. Based on these adventurers, we have made the following changes: - There now wanders around a PKer that will try to kill you for your loot. - Drops have been reworked. - Owner cape zone - We've heard you! And we're very sorry for causing inconvenience by the overpowered owner cape. To get rid of frustration from both crashing hard working adventurers as well as constant drop broadcasts, we've added a special zone for owner cape users. They can teleport there by right-clicking their owner cape while equipped and selecting the teleport option. The zone has a decent amount of available bosses, all divided into sections. This way the owner cape users won't have to interfere with the other players anymore and everyone has an equal chance to receive a drop. We hope this returned your faith and once again we are very sorry. - Other fixes - - Exiting wilderness by crossing the wall fixed; - Mackerel is now edible; - Buggy walk animations when morphed into NPC now fixed; - Dropping items in wilderness when dying fixed; - Drops reworked for gwd; - All zamorak minions spawning correctly; Thank you for playing Tartarus! We hope to see you around. Best regards, @ShrekTastic, @Jarno & @86x
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    Copped the new Prayer pet, "Ghostly". New favorite by far. 2.mp4
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    and we got the 1k votes thank you everyone for your commitment and loyalty to us without you we weren't where we are now let's build our community and create new content to keep you entertained on behalf of me and others people of it team thank you from the bottom of my heart you are great
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    nice pet Gratzz
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    Nice one! Hope to see some more
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    First try, dropped him with a Death-touched dart. Anyone else getting lucky?
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    We've updated Tartarus again! This time mostly with fixes that improve the quality of your gameplay experience. While fixing a lot of bugs, we're also working hard on new, quality content to keep you entertained. Stay tuned for the next updates! - Nex combat - Nex combat should be improved. It's a little bit easier to kill, while still being very hard to solo. So start a clan, gear up and take on Nex! Attempt at soloing Nex. Do not try this at home - Godsword + Spirit shield creating - Previously, creating godswords and Spirit shields was really complicated. We've changed it so it now matches the original way of crafting these items. Also, godswords can now be dismantled like they should be. You can look the up here: Godswords Spirit shields - Soulsplit - Finally! We got Soulsplit working after a lot of trial and error. If you still find any bugs using soulsplit please let us know and we will try to fix it ASAP. - Drop lookup interface - While we're working on a better (and nicer looking) interface, we still made some changes on the current drop lookup interface. You won't be able to see the percentages anymore, however you will now be able to easily see which items are rare and which are not. If an NPC drops rare items these will be listed at the top of the list. It will now display the item name followed by the amount that the NPC can drop. If it's only one number inbetween the brackets, it means it can only drop this one amount. If there's two numbers between the brackets, the dropped amount will vary from the min. to the max. value mentioned. To look up the drops of any NPC (that has drops), examine the NPC. - Rare drop messages - Whenever you get a rare drop, a broadcast message will appear. They look like this: - Drop system rework - The old drop system was pretty terrible on Tartarus. It was really hard to get rare drops and it would be a shame if we never even saw the rare drop broadcasts That's why we gave a boost to a lot of drops. Not only for bosses, but also for regular monsters! If there's any drops from monsters you think we should look at feel free to let us know. We're always open for suggestions! - Kebabs for days - We know, we know... You've never even bothered picking up those kebabs because they weren't edible. Well... now they are! So make sure you don't leave them rotting on the floor and eat 'em while they're still hot! Eating kebab will trigger a random effect, just like in the real game. - Other fixes - Ardougne banks now useable; - Splitting fury (or); - Quick manage perks option @ perkmaster; Thank you for playing Tartarus! We hope to see you around. Best regards, @ShrekTastic& @Jarno
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    i'm shocked- really enjoying it so far!
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    Im John aka Johnzo new to Tartarus! Hope to see you guys online!
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    It's available in the webstore, but will be given away occasionally as well.
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    HI and welcome To Tararus i like to see your drawings cant wait enjoy your stay!
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    Hey there! Welcome. Great to have you around. The black santa hat does exist. There is 1 in-game already too! Having multiple accounts is allowed. Multilogging to gain any unfair advantage isn't. If you like outfits I'm sure you'll love our cosmetic override system too! Would love to see some drawings once you've made them
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    Hello my name is 85x aka Jessie im 26 years old i really like rs3 but also its private servers so you can see me alot on the server if you want to know more from me just sent me a dm
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    Great video! Loot isn't bad either
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    It took a while, but that's mainly because we wanted this update to roll out perfectly! We were expecting to bring you a whole series of new PvM monsters, such as GWD2, however we need to do some final changes to make it perfect. - My examine - We have added a button with which you can see your own examine information. This is useful for checking out your personal message, which can be set using ::setexamine <your message here> You can find the button below the chatbox: - Agility courses added/improved - While we are still finishing off the Barbarian Outpost course as well as the Wilderness course, we have recently added/improved the following courses. You can teleport to all available agility courses using the teleport interface. (Quest tab >> Skilling teleports) Advanced Gnome course We have improved the Gnome course as well as added the Advanced Gnome course for those extra exp gains! Agility Pyramid Apart from being a great training method, you can also make yourself a little money while training this skill. Reach the top of the pyramid, climb onto the exit and claim a cash prize anywhere between 50k-100k! We will be adding the agility skilling outfit as a rare reward here as well later on. - Donation Party - We would like to give back to the community as a thank you for donating. That's why we came up with a system that will automatically start a drop party once the donation goal of $100.00 is reached! All players will receive a broadcast telling them the time remaining until the drop party. The total time remaining is 5 minutes and once the countdown reaches 0 the drop party will automatically start. Certain staff members also have the ability to add special items to the drop party. These special items are guaranteed to drop. You can check out this list as well as see the donation amount remaining by typing ::partyspecials. To teleport to the donation party room, type ::partyspecials. - Money pouch - Finally! One of the most requested features has been added to Tartarus. The Money Pouch! Any coins you receive will automatically be added to the pouch. Best of all, the value is not limited! Save up to billions of coins in your pouch. - Title Manager - You can now earn custom titles and use them whenever you like! All titles will have requirements. You can check the titles out by going to the character customization tab. More titles will be added in the future. Feel free to suggest titles that you'd like to see! - Other fixes - - Dungeoneering fixed; - Wrong hunter xp on some catches fixed; - Fixed the fletching and smithing bug where you make 15 instead of 1; Thank you for playing Tartarus! We hope to see you around. Best regards, @ShrekTastic& @Jarno
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    More video's on the way, let me know what kind of content you would like to see There's a ckey opening video on the way aswell, enjoy this for now.
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    pretty much as the titles sais, holding shift to drop items.
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    Construction is a very click-intensive skill. This is done with a reason. That's because Construction is one of the main money-makers for skillers. If you manage to gather most of the supplies yourself and sell all your unfinished benches, you will be making a lot of money! Of course this amount of money increases with every new bench that you unlock. If you're not that much into this skill, you can quickly level it as well, but it will be pricy. You can buy all materials that you need from the Builder. Construction site You can teleport to the construction site by going to the teleport tab and clicking skilling teleports. On the second page, you can find the Construction teleport. Once arrived, you will be in front of a house which contains a workbench. This is the main object that is used for this skill. There are 2 NPCs walking nearby the house: Estate Agent: This NPC will teach you the basics about the Construction skill. Builder: This NPC sells tools and materials that can be used to train Construction. It will also buy your finished benches. Tools needed To start training construction, it is useful to gather the following tools: Saw Chisel Workbench The workbench in the middle of the Construction site can be used to convert flatpacks into actual items. Any flatpack benches you've created with this skill, can be used on the corresponding bench which will reward you with experience. After you've converted oak bench flatpacks into real oak benches, these can be modified as later shown in this guide. Creating flatpacks At different levels, you can create different kind of flatpacks. Below are all possible flatpacks listed including their level requirements and materials that are needed to construct them: Selling finished unpacked benches Now this is where it gets interesting... You can actually make really good money by doing this skill! That is only if you decide to gather the materials yourself. You can sell any unpacked benches to the Builder, which will give you good money for it! The builder will give you the following amount of coins per bench type: Wood bench = 800 coins Oak bench = 4,000 coins Oak framed bench = 5,000 coins Oak vice bench = 6,000 coins Oak lathe bench = 6,500 coins Teak dining bench = 12,000 coins Carved teak bench = 13,000 coins Mahogany bench = 35,000 coins
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