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    Hello my name is 85x aka Jessie im 26 years old i really like rs3 but also its private servers so you can see me alot on the server if you want to know more from me just sent me a dm
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    Great video! Loot isn't bad either
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    It took a while, but that's mainly because we wanted this update to roll out perfectly! We were expecting to bring you a whole series of new PvM monsters, such as GWD2, however we need to do some final changes to make it perfect. - My examine - We have added a button with which you can see your own examine information. This is useful for checking out your personal message, which can be set using ::setexamine <your message here> You can find the button below the chatbox: - Agility courses added/improved - While we are still finishing off the Barbarian Outpost course as well as the Wilderness course, we have recently added/improved the following courses. You can teleport to all available agility courses using the teleport interface. (Quest tab >> Skilling teleports) Advanced Gnome course We have improved the Gnome course as well as added the Advanced Gnome course for those extra exp gains! Agility Pyramid Apart from being a great training method, you can also make yourself a little money while training this skill. Reach the top of the pyramid, climb onto the exit and claim a cash prize anywhere between 50k-100k! We will be adding the agility skilling outfit as a rare reward here as well later on. - Donation Party - We would like to give back to the community as a thank you for donating. That's why we came up with a system that will automatically start a drop party once the donation goal of $100.00 is reached! All players will receive a broadcast telling them the time remaining until the drop party. The total time remaining is 5 minutes and once the countdown reaches 0 the drop party will automatically start. Certain staff members also have the ability to add special items to the drop party. These special items are guaranteed to drop. You can check out this list as well as see the donation amount remaining by typing ::partyspecials. To teleport to the donation party room, type ::partyspecials. - Money pouch - Finally! One of the most requested features has been added to Tartarus. The Money Pouch! Any coins you receive will automatically be added to the pouch. Best of all, the value is not limited! Save up to billions of coins in your pouch. - Title Manager - You can now earn custom titles and use them whenever you like! All titles will have requirements. You can check the titles out by going to the character customization tab. More titles will be added in the future. Feel free to suggest titles that you'd like to see! - Other fixes - - Dungeoneering fixed; - Wrong hunter xp on some catches fixed; - Fixed the fletching and smithing bug where you make 15 instead of 1; Thank you for playing Tartarus! We hope to see you around. Best regards, @ShrekTastic& @Jarno
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