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  3. What would you like to see added/reworked? Let me know!

  4. We coming back :D cant wait!!

  5. Thank you for the suggestion!
  6. You could make some choices for Skillers to level up Summoning skill from hunting Charm Sprites or from thieving Dorgesh-Kaan chests
  7. With points and skills to do while afk that give very little exp
  8. Miguel

    Afk Zone

    you mean kinda like loyalty points? just having an account logged in a afk zone is easily farmable
  9. Been thinking about a way to implement something like this. Will try to work something out!
  10. Add barbarian fishing?
  11. Wasmiddel

    Afk Zone

    Making a AFK zone, points for every 10 mins. exchange them for money?
  12. Thank you for your suggestions, we will look into them!
  13. My suggestion would be to add bow strings to the skilling shops so fletching is easyer. Also another option would be to add functionality to the gems that you can already craft to turn them into bolt tips and eventually tipped bolts. Another suggestion would be to add ring / amulet crafting so gems are less useless. Also you might want to look into skills that are really really easy to train currently and rebalance them like summoning and construction (thieving maybe?). Thanks for taking the time to read my suggestions and I hope you find the time to consider implementing them.
  14. LekkerLekkerLekker

  15. The Owner Cape giveaway has started!!
  16. ~ Discounts ~ We are currently having a huge discount on a lot of items in the store: Mystery box: $5 --> $3 Masterwork set: $250 --> $175 Sled: $80 --> $50 TokHaar-Kal : $15 --> $10 Drygore bundle: $65 --> $40 500 Treasure Hunter keys: $42.50 --> $25 1000 Treasure Hunter keys: $80 --> $45 ~ 50% discount code, limited usage! ~ 3 lucky users will have access to the following discount code: XMAS20 This code will give you 50% off ANYTHING*, so be quick! After 3 uses, this code will automatically be deactivated. Code limited to 1 use per player. *Except donation scrolls. ~ Owner cape giveaway ~ This weekend, we will be posting a giveaway on our Discord. We will be giving away one Owner Cape to a very lucky player! Once the giveaway is posted in #christmas-giveaway, all you have to do is click the reaction to enter. Best of luck everyone! In the meantime, check out our #giveaways channel for all other giveaways! All deals will be active until Christmas ends. The Tartarus staff team
  17. 500+ votes already. Dayum! Thanks all!

  18. image.png.2c7aa251bd8f607351e47926c2ff4c78.png
    Just made a new score for yall to beat, but be quick it will make it even harder for you guys.

  19. Dear players, First of all, we would like to thank you for an amazing first year. Almost one year ago we launched and a lot has changed since that moment. New friends have been made, amazing suggestions have been posted en most important of all: We had a lot of fun during this first year! We can't wait to see what 2021 will bring us and we hope you will be there, together with us, to find out. To all of our players, we would like to say Merry Christmas! May you, your family and your friends have a safe, warm and wonderful Christmas this year. To celebrate Christmas we've been working on a Christmas event for over a month. This event includes the following: Quest: After hours upon hours of hard work and learning new things, we've managed to put together our first ever quest. In this quest, Santa has been locked in a cage by an evil demon, called San'tar Klaws. Only YOU can save Christmas Eve, by defeating San'tar. You will need the Imps to help. Before they can help you, you have to help them first. Of course, if you manage to save Christmas Eve, you will be rewarded with a bunch of items including: - A Christmas title - - A ring that lets you morph into one of the imps - - A lot of cosmetic items - - A Christmas pet - What are you waiting for? Santa needs your help! Snowballs: During Christmas, you will be able to gather snowballs at the Christmas site. These snowballs can be equipped and while equipped you can throw them at others. We are really curious to see what cool little events/ideas you can come up with to use these snowballs for! Login rewards: From December 23th until December 28th, you will unlock a new Christmas jumper every day. Don't miss a day, because these jumpers will only be obtainable during these days! We hope you enjoy this event and would love to hear your opinion about it! If you could take the time to fill in the poll in this thread or lets us know by a private message, that would mean a lot! The Tartarus staff team
  20. ShrekTastic


    For sure a really nice pet! Congrats!
  21. nights

    Updates #11

    Always coming out with the best, thank you for your hard work and dedication to the server and community! Bouta go catch and eat a Mackerel.
  22. nights


    Copped the new Prayer pet, "Ghostly". New favorite by far. 2.mp4
  23. ShrekTastic

    Updates #11

    Today's updates costists a lot of bug fixes and quality of life improvements. Christmas update will be coming at the beginning of December, so stay tuned!!! For that reason, this will only be a short thread with the most important features mentioned below: - Revenants - We have added the revenants cave. To teleport there, use the command ::revs. Until we have finished the new teleports interface, this is the only way to teleport there. Some adventurers had already found their way to the cave, which actually was a good thing! This gave us the opportunity to have players test the reventants cave before launching it publically. Based on these adventurers, we have made the following changes: - There now wanders around a PKer that will try to kill you for your loot. - Drops have been reworked. - Owner cape zone - We've heard you! And we're very sorry for causing inconvenience by the overpowered owner cape. To get rid of frustration from both crashing hard working adventurers as well as constant drop broadcasts, we've added a special zone for owner cape users. They can teleport there by right-clicking their owner cape while equipped and selecting the teleport option. The zone has a decent amount of available bosses, all divided into sections. This way the owner cape users won't have to interfere with the other players anymore and everyone has an equal chance to receive a drop. We hope this returned your faith and once again we are very sorry. - Other fixes - - Exiting wilderness by crossing the wall fixed; - Mackerel is now edible; - Buggy walk animations when morphed into NPC now fixed; - Dropping items in wilderness when dying fixed; - Drops reworked for gwd; - All zamorak minions spawning correctly; Thank you for playing Tartarus! We hope to see you around. Best regards, @ShrekTastic, @Jarno & @86x
  24. Very nice! The requirement is exactly the same as on RS3, which is 104,273,167
  25. 10/10 What is the experience requirement for 120's? 242e290f66e57dd787a5d0fb6f5d1e89.mp4
  26. It's the time of year again: BLACK FRIDAY is just around the corner and anyone who wants to grab something from the store now is your chance this chance lasts until Saturday November 28th, 8AM (CET). We offer a 50% discount with the following discount code: BLACKFRIDAY Discount code can be used indefinitely*. Not only will you have a 50% discount on store items, the donated amount will still count 100% towards any rank upgrade and even counts for the full 100% to trigger the Donation Dropparties! Ever considered donating? Wait no longer and make sure you don't miss out on this amazing deal! *Discount code can be applied upon checkout. Discount does not apply to Donation scrolls. Greetings Shrek, Jarno & Jessie
  27. and we got the 1k votes thank you everyone for your commitment and loyalty to us without you we weren't where we are now let's build our community and create new content to keep you entertained on behalf of me and others people of it team thank you from the bottom of my heart you are great ❤️

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