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  3. yup need more free tp spot for hard cores char
  4. Anubis

    Training places

    I support this suggestion!
  5. can we add more training grounds for leveling low level grounds 1-50 mid level ground 50-100 High level ground 100-138 and maybe more slayer tasks more monsters to kill? more ways to make money? sell all items at vic the trader
  6. Username: 85xRank in-game: Super donator
  7. ShrekTastic

    Updates #8

    We are proud to announce the new updates! This time the update also includes a closed beta release for Vindicta, our first GWD2 boss! If the tests are successful - Phoenix - An elegant, yet burning hot new boss has come to Tartarus. This new boss, called Phoenix, has some unique drops like a "custom-ish" torva armour. Obtaining this armour will give you a big advantage when bossing, compared to others who use torva or any higher tier armour. This boss also comes with a new pet, the Phoenix eggling! This pet has the following bonuses: 8% Damage bonus. 3% Drop rate bonus. - Dragonbone Corporeal Beast - The mighty Dragonbone Corporeal Beast has been nerfed a little. While it's still nearly impossible to kill on your own, the boss for sure is a lot easier now and has a lot less health. Its drops have also been reworked. The drop rates on rares have been increased drastically. This includes the rates on the dragonbone set, which has some of the best bonuses in-game: So what are you waiting for? Grab your best gear (or deathtouched darts ) and teleport to this fearless boss quick! - Farming rework - Finally! No more weird farming mechanics. Right now you can start harvesting your own materials. We have reworked farming to match the real farming experience. There are also a lot more farming patches now, which can be teleported to by either talking to the leprechaun or via the teleport tab. - New titles - While there are still a lot of titles being worked on, we couldn't resist not releasing a few already! - Other fixes - - Engineering skillcape added to shops; - New announcement broadcasts added for achievements; - Announcements now show the player's gamemode; - Minor bank improvements; - Zamorakian spear added as drop from K'ril; Thank you for playing Tartarus! We hope to see you around. Best regards, @ShrekTastic& @Jarno
  8. training some ranged im ready for gw2 😄 image.thumb.png.b628467ee50b922975a99a0d6f876b98.png i hope to be maxed in my strh att deff  and ranged and magic for gw2 if not doing what im always do grinding till my body says nop! 😛 

  9. ShrekTastic


    Welcome to Tartarus! We've already had a chat and I have to say you're a really chill person to talk to. Hope to see you around again soon!
  10. ShrekTastic

    Add logs

    Hi. You can already add logs to a bonfire. This has been added a few updates back. Use logs on a fire and you'll be throwing them in the fire. For super donators, the emote looks like you're throwing party hats in the fire
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  12. image.png.a7b878a4dbb05703dfc877176c939761.png playing nonstop!😎

    1. ShrekTastic


      That's the spirit! Keep it up. Looking good so far 🙂

  13. 85x


    Hello my name is 85x aka Jessie im 26 years old i really like rs3 but also its private servers so you can see me alot on the server if you want to know more from me just sent me a dm
  14. 85x

    Add logs

    Hello im doing right now Firemaking is it a idea that we just add the logs in the fire like the real version?
  15. Great video! Loot isn't bad either
  16. ShrekTastic

    Updates #7

    It took a while, but that's mainly because we wanted this update to roll out perfectly! We were expecting to bring you a whole series of new PvM monsters, such as GWD2, however we need to do some final changes to make it perfect. - My examine - We have added a button with which you can see your own examine information. This is useful for checking out your personal message, which can be set using ::setexamine <your message here> You can find the button below the chatbox: - Agility courses added/improved - While we are still finishing off the Barbarian Outpost course as well as the Wilderness course, we have recently added/improved the following courses. You can teleport to all available agility courses using the teleport interface. (Quest tab >> Skilling teleports) Advanced Gnome course We have improved the Gnome course as well as added the Advanced Gnome course for those extra exp gains! Agility Pyramid Apart from being a great training method, you can also make yourself a little money while training this skill. Reach the top of the pyramid, climb onto the exit and claim a cash prize anywhere between 50k-100k! We will be adding the agility skilling outfit as a rare reward here as well later on. - Donation Party - We would like to give back to the community as a thank you for donating. That's why we came up with a system that will automatically start a drop party once the donation goal of $100.00 is reached! All players will receive a broadcast telling them the time remaining until the drop party. The total time remaining is 5 minutes and once the countdown reaches 0 the drop party will automatically start. Certain staff members also have the ability to add special items to the drop party. These special items are guaranteed to drop. You can check out this list as well as see the donation amount remaining by typing ::partyspecials. To teleport to the donation party room, type ::partyspecials. - Money pouch - Finally! One of the most requested features has been added to Tartarus. The Money Pouch! Any coins you receive will automatically be added to the pouch. Best of all, the value is not limited! Save up to billions of coins in your pouch. - Title Manager - You can now earn custom titles and use them whenever you like! All titles will have requirements. You can check the titles out by going to the character customization tab. More titles will be added in the future. Feel free to suggest titles that you'd like to see! - Other fixes - - Dungeoneering fixed; - Wrong hunter xp on some catches fixed; - Fixed the fletching and smithing bug where you make 15 instead of 1; Thank you for playing Tartarus! We hope to see you around. Best regards, @ShrekTastic& @Jarno
  17. Thanks for the vid! Hope to see more content in the future
  18. More video's on the way, let me know what kind of content you would like to see There's a ckey opening video on the way aswell, enjoy this for now.
  19. grinding

  20. Biggy

    Updates #6

    Good updates!
  21. ShrekTastic

    Updates #6

    We are very happy to announce the following, large updates! This time it brings a lot of new content and a refreshing home area. Have a look below and hop in-game quick to check it out for yourself! - Engineering Released - We have released Engineering! To unlock the skills, you need level 80 in the following skills: Crafting, Smithing, Fletching, Herblore, Runecrafting, Construction, Cooking & Firemaking. Once you have unlocked the new elite skill, Engineering, you can use the entrance inside the castle at ::home to visit the Engineering site. There are already quite a lot of different recipes that can be unlocked. You gather the necessary materials by performing actions in the following skills (once >lvl60 in that skill): Mining : Metal Scraps Fishing : Fish body Woodcutting : Wood scraps Hunter : Bone scraps Farming : Strange herbs All above skills : Nature's energy Recipes won't be available right from the start! You first need to unlock the Engineering skill. Once unlocked, you will randomly obtain Engineer's letters from the following activities: Killing NPCs : Gear NPC > lvl 100, slight drop chance. NPC > lvl 200 greater drop chance. Artisan skills : Skilling Support skills : Misc Clue scrolls : Gear, skilling, cosmetic & misc A Engineer's letters can be read to unlock a random recipe in that category. Unlocking all recipes will be a grind for sure! You will need the correct tools to start crafting items. To check your tool amount and duration, click here: - Dungeoneering - We have added Dungeoneering, but with a more exciting twist! You can use your own food and gear in the dungeons. There are 3 dungeon sizes, which can be unlocked at different levels. Of course, the higher level dungeons give more experience and tokens. Here's a preview of the dungeoneering tokens reward shop: - Resource dungeons - 2 resource dungeons have been added. 1). Taverley resource dungeon (lvl 55 dungeoneering) - Extra hellhounds spawns 2). Al Kharid resource dungeon (lvl 75 dungeoneering) - Higher tier ores available - New Home - Tartarus has a brand new, fresh looking home! All objects and NPCs from the old home are still available. In case you would like to still visit the old home, type ::oldhome. - Deathtouched darts - Deathtouched darts are darts that can 1-hit almost every NPC. These darts can be made using the Engineering skill. Here's an example killing General Graardor using a deathtouched dart: - ::maxhit - After a lot of requests, you can now check your max hit with the command ::maxhit - Other fixes - - Deposit/Withdraw x option in bank saving value; - Clues now drop rewards when bank is full; - Bank limit added; - Sell all option at Vic the Trader; - Mystery box rates increased; - Barrows fix; - Fixed Hunter pet stand animation; Thank you for playing Tartarus! We hope to see you around. Best regards, @ShrekTastic& @Jarno
  22. Ingame : Roozke Love the server so far keep up the good work !
  23. Absolutely love this idea
  24. Hi Luke, Welcome to Tartarus! Thank you very much for your introduction. At Tartarus we are always open for suggestions. Nothing is impossible! I hope to see you in-game soon
  25. Pork

    Hey Everyone!

    Hey everyone! Pork here, or you can call me Luke if you'd rather. I'm a 22 year old university student in the UK. I've been playing RS for years and am looking for my perfect private server, Tartarus appears to tick all the boxes from initial impressions!! I look forward to meeting everyone in-game. ~Pork / Luke
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